Tiny Homes: How Innovation Leads to Consolidation

According to HGTV, the tiny house trend is sweeping the nation. The show “Tiny House Hunters” debuted in November 2014 and follows people as they search for homes under 600 square feet. The houses are commonly based on typical foundations, skids, trees, flatbed trailers or even inside old school buses or shipping containers.

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Saying #IDo To Technology

Hashtag generators, Facebook groups like The Wedding Connection, personalized websites, Pinterest, online registries and apps are sweeping the wedding industry. When I got engaged, I was introduced to all of the ways technology makes planning your big day easier for everyone involved.

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Ditching Technology In The Classroom

You walk into class on the first day. Everyone is setting up their laptops, checking Facebook, Pinterest, email, Tumblr, Buzzfeed, etc. Based on experience, you know there may be an occasional click over to Word or Google Docs to type a few notes. Maybe. The process of checking every form of social media will repeat in an endless cycle throughout class and it makes you wonder if technology is actually making it harder to learn.

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Parkinson’s Can’t Stop This Music

Ken Sutherland has Parkinson’s disease.

He is no longer able to toss a ball with his grandson, hold a paintbrush or play music on a piano. His wife, Laura, is an ordained minister and also works for Advanced Spine & Sports Medicine in Dallas to support them.

But that’s not the story here. Sutherland doesn’t want pity.

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Veteran Profile: Robin – Northeast Florida Women Veterans

I was born and raised in Texas with my brother until we were taken from my mother for severe abuse and neglect and placed in a children’s shelter. I vowed at 14 that no matter what I had to do, I would not become my mother –  pregnant at 16 and addicted to drugs and alcohol.

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